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Originated in the home of Chicken Wings i.e., United States of America, Buffalo Wild Wings takes pride in carrying
the legacy wherever we go around the Globe.
Imported straight from USA, maintaining the authenticity, Buffalo Wild Wings offers 18+
flavours in the form of sauces and seasonings. And yes, from a neutral seasoning of Salt and Pepper to
straight Blazin’ Carolina Reaper sauce. BWW has the best to offer to all kinds of taste pallettes.
Our Flavours go by our signature spice meter and this is how it goes:

  1. Salt and Vinegar:
    The name says it all, A classic Salt and vinegar Seasoning on our striking fresh wings. This is the best to go if you are planning to keep it professional 😉
  2. Parmesan Garlic:
    Parmesan Garlic happened when an American Chef went into Italian kitchen. This is for those who live and breathe garlic!
  3. Lemon Pepper:
    A tangy treat on the tenderest Chicken wings. Goes perfect as a started or a side for your spirits 😉
  4. Chipotle BBQ:
    A classic mix of Spice and Sweet made from a proper blend of Chipotle (fire roasted) peppers and BBQ flavours. The American Lecacy contniues.
    The most common choice of heat. Peri-Peri originates from the peppers grown in Wild Africa and hence the infamous name ‘African Bird’s Eye Chile’. The Peri-Peri kick comes the
    perfect blend of this wild peppers with savoury spices.
  6. Dessert Heat:
    The dryness of sand with the heat that lasts as long as sunny afternoon in the middle of a TEXAN Dessert. For all the cowboys out there, this is the bounty you deserve 😉
  7. Honey BBQ:
    A sweet and tendery sauce that suits perfect for your date night. Wet and dripping, the sauce is 😉
  8. Medium:
    Oh the Classic Medium! This is for those who wants to taste the fire but but don’t have to drink water every 2 minutes.
  9. Spicy Garlic:
    If you are the person who has a knack for Garlic, we will give it to you with added fire and you won’t forget us 😉
  10. Asian Zing:
    All things Asian, our Asian Zing sauce is nice mixture of Chilli peppers with classic Soy and Ginger Sauce. When your friend asks to bring Chicken Wings from a Chinese Cuisine, this
    is what they mean 😉
  11. Hot BBQ:
    A sweet and spicy sauce for dualtone lovers 😉
  12. Thai Curry:
    All things Asian pt.2.Try our wonderful concoction of curry, coconut, spices, and sweet chillies if you have a special palate.
  13. Mango BBQ:
    BBQ is an American Classic! And making unique blends with it is BWW’s trademark. Our Mango BBQ is one such sweet and spicy BWW mark sauce.
  14. HOT:
    Things are getting heated. A classic sauce consisting of some extraordinary chili heat.
  15. Mango Habanero:
    With every bite of sweetness follows a spicy burn and with every bite of spicy burn, follows a hint of sweetness. “Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be.”
  16. DragonFire !
    Proceed with caution! Made with one of the spiciest chilis in the.
  17. Wild
    Just our classic wing sauce but extremely spicier, guaranteed to bring tears.
  18. Blazin’ Carolina Reaper
    Made with Carolina Reaper Pepper, you have to proceed with extreme caution because we can’t promise how tomorrow is gonna be. Our hottest sauce ever!

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