Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary at Buffalo Wild Wings, Gachibowli

A story that began in 1882 in Ohio reached India three years back to win over the taste buds of the Indian citizens. It was reason enough for a celebration on 17th August as we successfully completed a three-year journey of providing an immersive experience to our Indian fans.

To make our anniversary special and something to talk about, we started the count down from the 15th of the month. For all chicken lovers, this special day got them our most sought-after chicken wings at half the price. On 16th August, we came up with special combos at unusual prices that left everyone craving for more.

We couldn’t stop there. A flat 25% off on all our bills from 17th to 19th August was what followed to make everyone a part of our euphoria.

More to Celebrate
It was time for the team to blow the confetti. Despite the current scenario, amidst all protection, we ensured to make this day memorable for every staff member behind our success today.

A splendid celebration culminated with cake cutting, making it a day to remember. Of course, we had to cut down on our guest list owning to the covid norms, but nothing could mar our spirits.

A Celebration of Our Passion
Looking back, we realize hunger has the power to build innovative ideas, and food has the power to bind us all. If not, we wouldn’t have been thriving across nations and doing what we do best – serving scrumptious American spreads.

Despite the years past and the geographic boundaries crossed, we have retained our penchant to offer the best of wings, beer and sports! We continually work to develop new flavors to wow your palate. Our contemporary ambiance and the massive screens that flash every sport possible provide a sacred space for sports enthusiasts to sip their beer and relish our chicken wings while cheering the players.

A Walk through Our Menu
With every passing year, as we are growing in numbers, so is our menu. If you leaf through it, the best seller that pops up is unanimously our succulent chicken wings. But we have something for everyone.

Crunchy popcorn shrimp, flavorsome nachos, crispy French fries, fresh salads and pasta with a smooth mouthfeel are some of the dishes that we lay out with our signature sauces and reasonings. If you are looking for more to satiate your hunger, our delectable burgers, wraps and an array of dishes infused with a local twist are just right for you.

When it comes to beer, we try to get you world-class options. If not beer, you can select from the list of drinks ready to mesmerize you. For children, we have a special section to pick from and desserts for your sweet tooth too.

Three cheers to us – The conclusion
As we raise a bug to our third anniversary, we look forward to bring you closure to a stadium-like experience where you savor our lip-smacking platter with your friends and family while building memories.

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